Барилгын менежментийн систем

Барилгын менежмент, удирдлага, хяналтын цогц шийдэл

Building Management System

As today’s buildings grow more complicated, with larger and more complex systems, building owners and occupants need to take a smarter approach to managing these systems in order to make sure everything keeps running the way they want it to. Implementing a Building Management System is one of the best ways to achieve this goal.

The systems that can be controlled with a Building Management Systems are: Illumination (lighting) control, Electric power control Heating, Ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC), Video surveillance, Intrusion Prevention, Fire alarm system, Plumbing, Lifts and Elevators, Public addressing system, Parking systems etc.

Arvis Systems LLC's complete enterprise solutions help create intelligent buildings that can provide many benefits:

General Benefits

  • Good control of internal comfort conditions
  • Increased staff productivity
  • Effective monitoring and targeting of energy consumption
  • Effective response to HVAC-related complaints
  • Save time and money during the maintenance.

Benefits for Building owner

  • Higher rental value
  • Flexibility on change of building use
  • Individual tenant billing for services facilities time saving
  • Remote monitoring of the plants (such as AHU's, fire pumps, plumbing pumps, electrical supply, STP, WTP, etc.)

Benefits for Maintenance companies

  • Ease of information availability
  • Computerized maintenance scheduling
  • Effective use of maintenance staff
  • Early detection of problems or service work easy
  • More satisfied occupants 

Additional benefits

  • Data is consolidated onto a single system to improve reporting, information management and decision-making. Integrating and managing the HVAC, energy, security, digital video and life safety applications from a single workstation allows facility-wide insight and control for better performance.
  • Increased operational savings – Efficient resource deployment can result in reduced operational costs, empowering operators, simplifying training and decreasing false alarms.
  • Energy efficient – Real-time view into facility operations and deep trend analysis provide data-driven insight to optimize your energy management strategies and minimize operational costs.
  • Flexibility to grow and expand – The powerful combination of open systems protocols and a scalable platform means the BMS can help support growth and expansion of the system in the future.
  • Reduced risk – Strategic mobile or desktop control, exceptional alarm management and integrated security solutions helps to see the big picture, helping to speed up response time and mitigate risks for the property, people and business.
  • Intelligent reporting – Comprehensive reporting with functionality for customizable reports delivers greater transparency into system history and promotes compliance.